2. Halbjahr 2017

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Englisch für den Alltag Level A2+


This course aims at participants who have reached an A2+ level of English and want to repeat, intensify and expand their vocabulary, grammatical and conversational skills in everyday situations. The topics include:
- Daily routines
- Describing home, town and countryside
- Traveling and holidays
- Eating out
- Business basics (jobs, telephoning, emails)
Teaching material will be announced in class.
You should have reached at least 50% of the A2 level in the placement test. Additionally, we would ask you to make use of our counselling hours for English which are Mondays 15.00 through 17.00 in room 102 at 15 Alte Waage. Please make an appointment via our Service Center on 0531 2412-0. 

Lerngruppe: 8 bis 14 Personen

Kursnummer und Dozentenliste
LET21BU   Hendrik Podein
Regina Spieker

Beginn: Mo. 09.10.2017, 08:30 Uhr

(4 Termine, insges. 32 Unterrichtsstunden)

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Kursgebühr: 103,00 €

Volkshochschule Haus Heydenstraße 2
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