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    The sounds of American English - Aussprachekurs Amerikanisches Englisch Stufe A2

    Struggling with the sounds of American English?

    Those tricky Rs difficult? Never know if it's a voiced or nonvoiced TH or not? And why are there so many different pronunciations for -ough?!

    If you have these questions, come to this new course offered by the VHS, where you will have classes focused on individual phonemes, focus on different morphemes and learn just where to shape your mouth and place your tongue for that elusive American accent.

    This is not a grammar course. It will focus on pronunciation, melody, stress and cadence.

    This course is suggested for level A2 and up.

    Teaching materials will be provided by the teacher.

    Kursnummer YED37
    Beginn Sa. 25.05.2024 10:00 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 22,00 €
    Dauer 1 Termin
    insges. 3 Unterrichtsstunden
    Gruppengröße 6 bis 9 Personen
    Alexia Cordova-Hoyos
    Kursort Volkshochschule Haus Heydenstraße 2
    2. Stock Raum 2.05
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