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    How to speak English with confidence?

    Englisch Sprachcoaching Stufe B1

    Do you find yourself tongue-tied when you have to speak English?

    You know the language and yet feel that you don't?

    Do you wish you had a place to practice your skills?

    In this course you will have a safe space to speak. You will learn tips on how to reduce stress, increase fluidity and have better vocabulary retention.
    Strong emphasis is placed on speaking with reinforcement of grammar and pronunciation.

    Material will be provided in class.

    Kursnummer YEF21
    Beginn Mi. 21.02.2024 18:00 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 116,00 €
    Dauer 8 Termine
    insges. 16 Unterrichtsstunden
    Gruppengröße 5 bis 8 Personen
    Alexia Cordova-Hoyos
    Kursort Otto-Bennemann-Schule Alte Waage 2/3
    2. Stock Raum A2 12
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