Filmvorstellung - Who we are

    (arabisch mit englischen Untertiteln)

    Arab Spring is still a contemporary event inspiring a lot of academic research, art projects, literature and changing the political and social lives of millions of people in the Middle East and the world. It has, therefore, complexly intertwined political, economic, social and cultural dimensions. One aspect is the collective identity of the revolting masses, Syrians as an example. The film features three persons who lived in different parts of Syria. It unveils the Syrian social differences and its correlation to the regional identity, personal experiences, religious, social status, and political suppression. The focus will be on exploring the accumulation of the aforementioned aspects, discarding the complex historical notion, through the figures' narrations of their relationships with the surrounding
    society during phases of flounder and diaspora. The film is riddled with the director's passive character that narrates the story blunderingly through four chapters asking the question of Who are we? However, the film seeks no expected end of the story as it is still ambiguous. Yet, it seeks to initiate discussions about the ever-existing conflict between individuals, societies and governments, and this conflict's impacts in their new countries and societies.

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