Vision Board Workshop

    A vision board is a picture of things you want to attract into your life. This workshop is about having fun discovering your values and dreams to create a collage of photos that represent your ideal life. Then you cut pictures and phrases out of magazines, adding personal photos, and put them onto a board to serve as daily inspiration.
    Bring old magazines and personal photos you want to put on your board.
    Lerngruppe: 8-12 Personen
    Kursnummer OEX13
    Beginn Sa. 23.02.2019 10:00 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 60,00 €
    Dauer 1 Termin
    insges. 4 Unterrichtsstunden
    Kursleitung Paula Rose Schnackenberg
    Kursort Volkshochschule Haus Güldenstraße 21
    3. Stock Raum 3.13
    10:00 - 13:15 Uhr

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