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    "Time for Coffee" - English Conversation Intermediate B1

    Englisch Konversation Level B1

    This course is just the course for you if you love to have a chat with a nice hot cup of coffee. Is your favorite part of the day the Koffee Klatch? Or as they say in New York, cawffee tawk.

    Do you know a cup of coffee is also called a cup of joe, or java? Learn this and much much more in this new class being offered. If you are a "chatty Cathy" interested in learning more American English idioms, If you'd like to add more English interaction to your life, or if you simply enjoy a good conversation please join us!

    Topics include (but are not limited to) cultural discussions and exchanges, varieties of English, life in NYC and the US, sociological observations and more.

    Topics and materials will be announced in class.

    Kursnummer WEF13
    Beginn Di. 07.03.2023 08:30 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 131,00 €
    Dauer 15 Termine
    insges. 30 Unterrichtsstunden
    Gruppengröße 8 bis 12 Personen
    Alexia Cordova-Hoyos
    Kursort Volkshochschule Haus Alte Waage 15
    Zwischengeschoss Unterrichtsraum
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    Stephanie Dieckhoff, Tel. +49 531 2412-105