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    English Conversation B1/B2 - Improve your speaking and vocabulary with TED talks

    Let´s talk about TED talks!

    TED talks are a great way to improve your listening skills in English while building vocabulary and expanding your knowledge. In this course, we will focus on a variety of fascinating topics (e.g. business, technology, lifestyle, global issues, education, culture...) by watching various TED talks (at home), which we will then discuss in class. Be prepared to learn about the world and encounter interesting perspectives while fine-tuning your English communication skills and becoming confident in expressing your opinion.

    This course is designed for students who have already reached an intermediate level of English and are willing to do work outside the classroom.

    Course material will be provided in class.

    Kursnummer YEF60
    Beginn Do. 04.04.2024 19:00 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 91,00 €
    Dauer 10 Termine
    insges. 20 Unterrichtsstunden
    Gruppengröße 8 bis 12 Personen
    Kursleitung Zahra Balagholi
    Kursort Volkshochschule Haus Güldenstraße 19
    1. Stock Raum G1.28
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