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    English Level B1

    Grammar course

    Do you have a fairly good, basic knowledge of the English language (at least 5 years of school English), but little or no chance to speak it?

    Perhaps you understand quite a lot, but feel nervous about speaking and worried about making mistakes? Or maybe you have had enough of textbooks, and would like to practise using your English freely in an easy-going atmosphere?

    We will help you to overcome your initial fears or shyness, whilst improving your everyday conversational skills in realistic situations, in pairs or small groups.

    Unterrichtsmaterialien finden Sie auf unserer Homepage oder werden im Kurs bekanntgegeben.

    Kursnummer TEF15
    Beginn Do. 09.09.2021 19:45 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 119,00 €
    Dauer 15 Termine
    insges. 30 Unterrichtsstunden
    Kursleitung Sajit Padmanabhan
    Kursort Otto-Bennemann-Schule Alte Waage 2/3
    Erdgeschoss Raum B0 08
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