Cooking with Paddy - Part 2

    Roasted Soya chunks - South Indian vegan dish

    Do you enjoy cooking? Do you also want to improve your cooking vocabulary in English? If yes, then join Paddy’s cooking lesson on the 16th of July.

    The dish is ideal for vegans and is great source of protein. The dish is rich in flavor, aroma and can either be served as a starter or as part of the main menu.

    Kursnummer VHS02
    Beginn Sa. 16.07.2022 10:00 Uhr
    Kursgebühr 32,00 €
    inkl. Lebensmittelgeld 8,- €
    Dauer 1 Termin
    insges. 4 Unterrichtsstunden
    Sajit Padmanabhan
    Bitte mitbringen Kleine Behälter für Kostproben.
    Kursort Haus der Familie
    Kaiserstraße 48, 2. OG, Küche
    keine Anmeldung möglich
    Sa. 16.07.2022
    10:00 - 13:00 Uhr


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